Not just farm to table. 

Our Farm to Our Tables. 

About an hour outside of Minneapolis-St. Paul in the quaint one-bar, one-cemetery town of Union Hill lies our 50 acre farm, aptly named the Blue Farm. We’re hand-raising chickens and hogs and planting heirloom varieties of our favorite produce. Produce that will be served to our guests in our restaurants during the summer and fall. 


Flyover the farm 


Farm-Fresh Features 

As produce ripens throughout the growing season, six of our restaurants will be serving farm-fresh features featuring produce from the Blue Farm. Produce was hand-planted by Blue Plate employees and menu items were crafted by our corporate chefs for all to enjoy the fruits (and vegetables!) of our labor. 


You say tomatoes, brussels sprouts and peppers. We say Brandywine, Gustus and New Ace.

Owners, David and Stephanie, along with the corporate chefs and our farmer specifically select fruit and vegetable varieties that will compliment each restaurant's unique menu. Specific tomatoes for sauces, cucumbers and okra for pickling, and raspberries for jam-making are all carefully considered and coordinated with you, our guest, in mind. 


Honor thy Mother Earth 

We practice sustainable farming practices- at its simplest, this means we take care of the earth so that future generations may enjoy what we have sowed. We aim to promote soil health, minimize water use, and lower pollution levels on the farm.



Did you know that we used 100 lbs of Blue Farm Basil at the Blue Barn in 2018? Twin Cities Live visited with Stephanie Shimp at the Blue Farm to find out more. Watch Video.